Therapy with Tibetan singing bowls

Therapy with Tibetan singing bowls



Our Body is the Temple of Our Soul


​​Dancing Spirits holistic therapy is my passion,

I believe that health is truly a holistic venture as it is impossible to separate mind, body and spirit if you want to achieve balance from within and total wellness.



Visit me and get a gift certificate for your loved one or a friend. Treat yourself and book your appointment.

I first became a client of Dancing Spirits after a serious health issue. I have been a client for several years now and having regular appointments has without a doubt helped me with my well being . The level of care is excellent and beyond just massage therapy.

When I originally went to Dancing Spirits I was seeking a highly qualified massage therapist and I certainly found that in Bozena. What I didn’t expect is that I would find so much more. A beautiful caring soul with a passion for healing.


Fort Smith, NT

My wife used to get massaged by Bozena. But even if I knew it could be good for me, I was always pushing the time to go. Eventually my back was so painful that I paid a visit to Bozena.

I realized it was a big mistake…to not come before!

Her technic is amazing, she really know how to relax your body and all your muscles. But the most amazing part of her healing therapy is her holistic approach of health.

The best gift I could make to myself, was to ask Bozena for help. She not only takes care of your body but she takes care of your global welfare, your well-being too. Her wonderful and warm presence creates a space where you can relax. She uses different techniques like singing bowls or crystals to help you relax and soothe you.

After every massage therapy I feel not just more relax or with less pain, I feel lighter and more grounded.

Thank you Bozena and your wonderful presence


Fort Smith, NT

I have been receiving regular massage treatments from Bozena for the past four years, as well as occasional Arvigo therapies. I credit the therapies with contributing to my overall wellness - physically, mentally and spiritually. Bozena is experienced and I have been treated very professionally at every visit.


Fort Smith, NT

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