Doula Pregnancy Guiding and Post-natal Support (Baby Massage)


In 2013 I got certified by DONA International as Certified Birth Doula. DONA International is the world’s first, largest and leading doula certifying organization. The vision of DONA is:

"A doula for every person who wants one".

Since 2010 I've been present at many births and gave my support to mothers who had trusted me to be part of their birth experience.

I also take care of mothers before and after the birth of their babies.


I know being a Doula is a calling…

To be present at Birth, to witness the great Miracle

As Heavens meet Earth and a Baby is born.

To see the transformation in a Woman, as she embraces her power, fights her fears, surrenders and gives birth, and then everything changes.

And so, with every baby a Mother is born.

I have heard the call long before I ever heard the term “doula” being used to describe a woman, who serves at birth. I have always been attracted to babies, cuddling them and watching their mothers caring for them hoping I could do the same. I spent time listening to their talks about birth and trying to understand and remember.  


My own two birth experiences of my children were in a hospital in the presence of a midwife throughout labors and a doctor delivering my babies. Being young and poorly informed I believed it was how it was supposed to be even though it did not feel right. Many years later I realized I have been mistreated and robbed of a full experience of being in power of my own birthing process. I wanted to help other women go through a different experience, a more compassionate and supportive one. So I became a birth doula.

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek term meaning “one who serves”.  A doula does not replace a doctor or midwife, and does not provide any clinical diagnosis or perform any medical procedures.  

The role of a Birth Doula is to provide continuous informed and supportive care for the woman and her partner, and to create the most positive birth experience possible. It is all about empowering and guiding the women throughout their pregnancies, birth and postpartum transitions. It is an honour to be part of the birthing process and insuring the woman gets the best physical, emotional and informational support. 

She believes in “Mothering the Mother”. 

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”         (Barbara Katz Rothman)


“Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same.”    (Catherine Jones)

Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life. Being pregnant feels so magical and thrilling and yet it can be trying and oftentimes an uncomfortable experience. It is a big transitional phase in lives of a woman and couples. It requires plenty of support with compassion, patience and understanding to make the journey through these nine months as comfortable as it gets.

The purpose of pregnancy massage therapy is to promote overall health and prepare a pregnant woman physically, psychologically and emotionally for labor.

The woman’s body is changing during pregnancy and woman’s posture is constantly challenged which puts a lot of stress on the back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Gentle massage can help to relieve such aches and pains, especially as your belly is getting bigger and bigger and there is no real comfortable position you can find to feel relaxed. 

Prenatal massage is gentle and soothing, it helps to improve the woman’s mood, decrease depression and anxiety and reduce the risk of complications.  It relaxes body and mind and gives a woman a feeling of total acceptance and nurturing as well as emotional well-being.

Some benefits of prenatal massage:

  • encourages blood circulation

  • reduces back pain and joint pain,

  • reduced edema,

  • reduced muscle tension and headaches,

  • reduced stress and anxiety,

  • relaxes the nervous system, allowing for a better sleep,

  • boosts the immune system,

  • increases lymph flow, and releases toxins from the body,

  • enhances flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.   


Postnatal massage is as important and beneficial as massage during pregnancy. At times it can be overwhelming taking care of your newborn and massage will help you release the tension and relax your body and mind.  It is important that you also feel cared for during this intense time of many challenges of early motherhood.

Massage can help decrease the discomforts of afterbirth, your uterus as well as intestinal and urinary tract and bladder have to regain their original positioning for healthy recovery. It helps with quicker recovery after birth as well as it reduces postpartum emotional challenges and depression and improves breastfeeding.  More benefits include hormone regulation, realignment of pelvis, relief of soreness and stiffness and speedier recovery after a caesarian birth.  



“Massage is something you and your baby do together

-it is about sharing feelings,

And even thoughts,

On an intimate, unspoken level”


I teach baby massage by Newar tradition that originates from Newar indigenous people of Katmandu valley in Nepal. In Newar tradition, shortly after birth the baby is massaged by midwife with warm mustard oil. These activates all important body functions and it is very beneficial to the skin. In Nepal there is no written record of baby massage, the young parents rely on the customary oral tradition, the knowledge is passed down from the midwives, a mother or mother-in-law.  Baby massage by Newar tradition is a holistic method that touches and nourishes the body and soul equally.

This Baby massage method is based on the cultural roots of Nasma Scheibler-Shrestha and her knowledge of the Newar tradition. She brought this ancient massage tradition to Europe. 

Gentle touch through simple massage techniques is a way of giving love and attention to your baby. It is one of the simplest and most beneficial ways to communicate with your newborn.

You learn simple massage techniques that become a daily routine for you and your baby. Fathers are also invited to participate as it is just as important for them to learn how to bond and handle the baby.

Massaging your newborn baby is a beautiful way to get to know him and through massage you will gain confidence in handling him.  By watching and observing him you will be able to recognise his reactions and be able to understand and soothe him better. You will find that these special moments of loving touch are times that your baby comes to look forward to and enjoy.  He becomes calm and receptive seeking eye contact with you, which creates a wonderful feeling of intimacy between the two of you.

Baby massage promotes better sleeping, improves circulation, stimulates nerves, prevents digestive disorder, relieve colic and enhances the infant’s immune system.  But most importantly, it allows the mother to communicate her love for the newborn through touch and establish deep ties with him. The loving touch is necessary for infant’s psychological and physical growth.